Domain and Hosting

Domain and Hosting
Domain and Hosting
Understanding Domain The domain meaning is the name used to identify the server's computer address. Initially the server computer address is denoted by a row of numbers called IP addresses. However, because the use of IP address is less practical then made domain to replace the IP address line. The main domain function is that users do not need to memorize the IP address line of a website, but simply type in the domain address of the website. Domains today are more familiar to people as website addresses or sometimes referred to as URL addresses.

At the beginning of its use, domains can only be written using the Latin alphabet. But now with the development of the era, the domain can also be written using a foreign alphabet.

Domain and Hosting

The domain name must form a word and end with the extension. Some popular examples of these extensions are .com, .net, .org. There is also a domain that represents the country's origin website such as .id for Indonesia, .uk for UK and .us for USA.

Understanding Hosting

The meaning of hosting is a place to store website data. Website data that is placed on web hosting must have internet connection to be accessible by many people through internet network. Saved data can be images, emails, documents, videos, and websites. The hosting service providers will provide an active server for 24 hours so people can visit your website at any time. Server hosting is generally required to have internet connection with high speed because this is very influential on the speed of website access.

Domain Type and Example

Domains have many extensions, and each extension has different properties. But please note that there is no prohibition on the use of names and domain usability. The domain name you have purchased is entirely yours, and may be used for any purpose.

Some domains are reserved for an agency (such as government or school) and some are specifically used for registered institutions.

Free Hosting

As the name implies, the use of free hosting is free of charge, and is provided free of charge only by the hosting service provider. Although free, there are limitations that make the use is not as optimal as the paid. The goal is that customers can try the service first before paying to be able to use it without restrictions (better known as free trial system). Free hosting is the right choice for people who want to learn and understand about usability and how to use hosting before deciding to buy better service.

Shared Hosting

As the name implies, shared hosting is a sharing service. Sharing in the sense that neither the resources nor the available RAM on the server will be used in conjunction with other users. This type of hosting service is the most popular and widely used service. Its economical price and sufficient quality are the main reasons people use this service. The shared hosting service is widely used by people who are new to building personal websites or blogs with visitors who are not yet crowded enough.

VPS Hosting

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. In the following services, you can rent a virtual server that will only be used by one user only. In this service, 1 physical server consists of several VPS to rent to people. VPS is very suitable for use by website owners or blogs with quite a lot of visitors. This is because you will be given the freedom to use all the resources and RAM contained on the virtual server. However, knowledge and technical skills are required to manage the VPS as all the controls are in the hands of its users.

Dedicated Hosting

Still the same as VPS, dedicated hosting is a service that is used only for single user. The difference is, you will be given a special physical server for your use. On the server you are free to install the operating system and control panel. Changes and settings on the server are also free to do. Because of the good quality, this service is quite expensive, and became the dream of many website owners. The advantages you receive are: higher RAM, more sophisticated CPU, and hard drives with greater capacity. All of these advantages are not shared with anyone, but only for your own use. Dedicated servers are generally used by large websites with many visitors. Still the same as VPS, because you will get full control over the management of the server, it requires a qualified knowledge of how to manage it.